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I've brought my laptop into work the last few days. The theory is that I will use it to do job-hunt related stuff, the practice… well, let's just say I foresee another day of bursts of getting things done interspersed with total apathy. Yay, senioritis. I really need to sit down with folks soon and make a plan, prioritizing the things I need to get ready to hand off.

I have my “it’s true, I was laid off, I was ready for it and I’ll be okay, I promise they aren’t closing down the library (an actual rumor that’s been making the rounds through the student body), I’ll be here through the end of the quarter” speech down pat; part of me is tempted to put in on a card and hand it to people instead of having to run through it several times a day, but I recognize that wouldn’t be very friendly. ;) People want to talk about things and make sure I’m okay, and I appreciate the sentiment very much.

Four weeks to go.

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