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DABB musings

As previously mentioned, I signed up for the second wave of dragonagebb, and although the rough draft isn't due until early December, I haven't written a single word yet and am starting to get a little concerned. Not *too* concerned -- a draft of a 20k word story in two and a half months shouldn't be a problem, especially if I end up unemployed for some of that time -- but a little bit. Mostly because it's not the execution I'm stalling on, it's the idea.

It's like this: I have a story I want to write, but I have a feeling that to be told properly, it would need to be much longer than 20k words. And it's not only a time issue, it's an interest issue, because the much longer story would essentially be a Blight retelling, which I'm not sure would hold my attention as a writer. So that's the conundrum -- finding a complete story that can be told in 20-30,000 words (somewhat longer is fine, just not an epic) without rehashing the entirety of DA:O.

The idea I've been toying with writing is an AU in which both dwarf Wardens -- a noble and a commoner -- survive the events of their origin and become Grey Wardens. I think there's a lot that could be done with an Aeducan and a Brosca being forced to work together and find common ground, especially if it turned out that the Brosca was a better natural leader than the Aeducan but the Aeducan resists the idea of letting a casteless be in control. Even better if the Aeducan thinks she is being understanding and charitable, but it turns out she isn't. Lots of potential for conflict: with each other, with Alistair, with the rest of the party. So I think the basic concept is sound. But how far do I have to take it? Can I tell this story to a good resolution without carrying out the whole campaign? Or do I have to carry the premise all the way through to the battle with the archdemon? The answer that I keep coming back to is "yes, I do", but then I shy away from the amount of work that would be, and the sheer number of words I would spend slogging through Ferelden.

But if I don't do that idea, I'm not sure I have a backup plan in mind. And so we return to the beginning of the cycle.

If anyone has any thoughts on ways to take this idea and cut it down to a more manageable size, I'm all ears. I bit off way more than I could chew with "Wardens of Ivalice" for Mega Flare last year, and I'd rather not do that to myself again.

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