KJ (owlmoose) wrote,

More DABB idea bouncing

Mostly thoughts about stitching together the events of the two dwarf origins. I have two different ways it can go and am not sure which works better.

So the big question, really, is whether the origins are happening simultaneously, or one after the other. At least some of the Brosca origin has to be first, because Aeducan meets Rica in Bhelen's quarters, and Rica's conversation with Beraht in the opening Brosca scene suggests that she doesn't have a patron yet. Here's what I came up with for the origins running somewhat in parallel:








Meets Natia at Proving, impressed with her performance, tries to convince guards to release her into his custody but fails

Confrontation with Beraht, deals with Oskias. Proving, taken captive by city guard, beaten unconscious, Beraht uses his influence to have her transferred to Carta cells.


Birthday feast, meets Duncan, Bhelen warns her about Trian

Attends Sera's birthday feast

Unconscious in her cell


Deep Roads expedition, Trian's death, taken captive, spends night in cell

Leads team to the Deep Roads, they clear out a tunnel and make camp, he heads back to Orzammar and encounters Natia, recruits her and takes her back to camp

Escapes Carta prison, kills Beraht, recruited by the Wardens, leaves Orzammar


Sentenced to death, put in Deep Roads, fights her way through side tunnels, finds Duncan, is recruited

Continues in Deep Roads, meets Sera, recruits her

With Duncan


This works, I think, except that I don't really have a good reason for Duncan to come back to Orzammar. I can't imagine that he wouldn't be well supplied before leaving, and he doesn't make any plans to report back to the King or anything. So I'm stuck a little bit there.  It also means that Rica's relationship with Bhelen developed really quickly, like over a single day, and I'm not sure how realistic that is.

The other option I can see is for the entirety of the Brosca origin to happen first, so that Natia is already recruited by the time Duncan meets Sera. This has several advantages and one giant hole: where is Natia when Duncan and his Wardens rendezvous with the Aeducans and their troops in the Deep Roads? Although I can think of reasons why she would ask to remain out of sight while Duncan is dealing with the dwarven nobility, and it would be easy enough for her to avoid the palace, I can't figure out where to place her on the second day. 

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! Especially if there's a better option I'm missing entirely.
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