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Seven Days

 Seven more work days before my job comes to an end. Part of me looks at that number with panic -- how on earth am I going to finish everything I planned to finish between now and then -- and part of me wishes that it were much, much smaller.  Either way, I can't quite believe that it's going to be over soon. I spent six and a half years in that place -- some good, some bad, but getting increasingly worse over the last couple of them -- and although it would have been better to make the decision to move forward on my own, sometimes I need a kick in the ass to make that move in the first place.

I haven't entirely decided what to do with the upcoming free time. Although, unlike when I got laid off in 2004, I'm not strictly looking at this as a break, I don't expect to find anything right away, either. I did apply for one position already, but I haven't seen much else out there. This is a tough time to find work as an academic, especially as a librarian. Financially, we'll be fine for awhile -- the severance package and my unused vacation takes me almost through the end of the year, and with careful planning we can get by without my income; I am very fortunate in that I don't really "need" to work. But I want to, or at the very least I want to be working soon. Then again, I can't exactly job hunt eight hours a day, and it would be great to get in some travel, some writing, some home improvement, some lazy-bum-on-the-couch time. How exactly to balance all that is the open question: do I put myself on a schedule? Allow myself freedom and see what happens? Start planning a trip or two now, or give it a little time to see if a job comes through quickly? The idea that appeals the most is a loose schedule, along the lines of my monthly writing goals, but I'll have to see how it ends up working out.
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