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Doctor Who

So I finally gave in and watched the first season of Doctor Who (new Who, that is; I've seen a couple episodes of the original series but that's all). I started a few months ago, in fits and starts, then the second half of the season over the last few days. I am enjoying it, quite a bit, even though I've been spoiled for rather a lot via fannish osmosis, at least in terms of when major characters make their exits. For example, I knew going in that Christopher Eccleston only played the Doctor for one season, so I wasn't broken up over his death at the end of the last episode, though it was still sad to see the effects on Rose. And it will be interesting to see how she adjusts to Ten. I'm also interested to see how I will adjust to Ten, because I adored Nine, a lot. Eccleston brought so much to the character — I loved his sense of humor, the way his emotions could turn on a dime, the depths of grief that kept winking out from behind the chipper facade, the real respect and fondness with which he treated both Rose and Jack.

I also like Jack and Rose both: Jack is fun, and adorable, and I appreciate how his sexuality is just there -- another part of his character, like his hacker skills and his history as a con artist, not a big deal, that he kissed both Rose and the Doctor goodbye in exactly the same way. Rose seems to have a ways left to grow, but I like that about her. Right off the bat she's bold and quick-thinking, but like a real girl would be, not like a superhero. I wish we'd gotten some more detail about the Bad Wolf thing, about how she planted the clues in time that led her back to save the space station from the Daleks, but maybe we'll get more on that in the next season.

I also want more on what exactly happened with the Time War. And if Daleks survived, maybe there are more Time Lords out there, somewhere. I know (again from fannish osmosis) that the Master appears later, so maybe others might as well. I'm happy to keep watching, so we shall see.

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