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Dear Starbucks

Thank you for being a place that I can reliably connect to the Internet. *clings to sweet, sweet Internet*

My hotel last night was nice, but it was far enough outside of town that I had no cell phone reception -- no service at all, much less data -- and it didn't have wireless. At least, I don't think it had wireless; there was a network that I could connect to, but it was terribly flaky and I gave up on it after about an hour. I suspect that I was actually sneaking wireless from someone else who brought their own. Thank you, whoever you are. I can do without checking the 'Net during the day, but if I don't have it at night or in the morning, I feel cut off, especially

Yesterday's drive was gorgeous. Perfect sunny day, not too much traffic, and the coast up here is so beautiful. I took some phone snaps, which I will post to Tumblr soon. Now I am in Fort Bragg, which is hands-down the biggest city on my trip since I left the freeway in San Rafael. Today is supposed to be rainy, and it rained last night, so I'll probably take this next leg a little more slowly. Next stop: Gold Beach, OR.

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