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October update; November goals

Days written: 22/31
Words written: 14,656
Words of fic written: 12,320
Stories worked on: Three, some ficbits, and a bunch of editing
Stories posted: One (an ongoing WIP), plus ficbits and several reposts

Specific goals:

1. Write an average of six days per week. Nope. Not even close. My trip sort of threw this one out the window -- I didn't write at all in Seattle, and not much on the road.

2. Finish Right Hand Woman, for real. I actually drafted the final segment last night, so I think that counts. I'll try to get it posted this afternoon.

3. Do the WIP files project. Success! This week, I went through everything, mothballed a few stories that will probably never be finished, and got some prompt fics archived on AO3. And earlier this month I finally cleaned up all my stories from the DA Alphabet meme and posted those to AO3 as well.

4. Continue working on DABB story, in preparation for the November 3rd check-in. Not really . This will be my overriding goal for November, since the draft is due December 6th.

I was expecting to feel much worse about my progress on things, but actually looking over it, I did pretty well, with the exception of so many days skipped. I'll call it a win, overall.

Goals for November:

1. Write at least ten minutes every day, per the rules of wrisomifu. With the exception of today (which will be spent wrapping up "Right Hand Woman"), I intend to use these minutes to work on my DABB. Speaking of which...

2. Complete first draft of my DABB. No excuses.

3. Write at least one public post on my LJ/DW every day for NaBloWriMo. It doesn't have to be super substantial, but it does have to be more than a Tweet. That's the whole point of having a journal after all.

That's not many goals, but especially considering that this is a concert month, I think that's enough.

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