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Hey, look, a DW friending meme

What better way to give myself an incentive to do more journaling than to meet more people here?

LiveJournal DreamWidth
friending meme

Why yes, there has been another epic fail on LiveJournal, why do you ask? The main thing is that they've disabled custom formatting for reading the friends list and introduced many other changes to make it more Tumblr-like. Once again, LJ is tweaking itself to be more like the flavor-of-the-month social networking service rather than concentrating on what makes it different, and once again I wonder why any of us are still there. I mean, I know why I'm still there -- fannish projects/communities that live on LJ, and enough friends who haven't yet moved -- but I wonder how much longer it will be worth the effort.

Anyway. Check out the meme, and if you do decide to make the switch, let me know so I can add you on the DW side. :)

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