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Banging away

On the keyboard, that is. Progress on my dragonagebb fic is finally happening, slowly but surely, and wrisomifu has already served its intended purpose: I had a very full schedule yesterday, and nine times out of ten, on a day like that, I'd have just said "screw it, I'll write more tomorrow." Instead, I took exactly ten minutes to site down and write, and when I was finished, I had 340 more words than the beginning of the day. A drop in the bucket, but every drop helps. As of today, I have about 5200 words, which in theory is a quarter of the way there, but there is no way this story is getting told in 20k. Still, I feel like I'm well under way! A bit of a snippet:

“Alistair— can we talk for a second?” Natia shot a meaningful glance up to the head of the line where Sera walked with Leliana. “Just the two of us?”

“Um, sure.” Alistair glanced up ahead as well, then stepped off the path, taking shelter under the canopy of the trees. “About what?”

“I’m, ah. Getting a little concerned. About the way Sera is leading us. Maybe it’s not my place to question, but…” Natia took another quick look around, falling silence as Morrigan and Sten walked past. “Do you feel that Sera is being a little… rash? A little quick to use violence to solve our problems?”

Alistair raised an eyebrow. “We’re Grey Wardens. Violence is sort of our reason for existing, right?”

“True. And I don’t object to killing when we must. But sometimes it feels like there might be another way out, you know? Like… the way things just went down back in the forest. With the werewolves.” Natia lowered her eyes. “It just, it seems like we ought to have been able to negotiate a compromise. Talk Zathrian into releasing the spell. Or find some way to force him into it. I agree that the werewolves were dangerous, but the Lady of the Forest seemed to really want to work things out.” She sighed. “I don’t know. Sera was a princess. She ought to know more about these things than me. And yet every time, she acts so quickly, doesn’t stop to figure out what people really want, what they’re willing to do. And I know you see it, too. You can’t tell me you’re happy with what happened in the Circle Tower. Or in Redcliffe.”

Alistair sighed and looked away. “Heard about that, did you?”

Natia had to let out a wry chuckle. “It would have been hard to miss.”

I also did succeed in finishing my Cinders fic! It's more like a published second draft than anything (no one, not even a beta, is ever going to see a true rough draft from me), and once DABB is over I'll polish it up for posting on AO3, but it's over here on Tumblr for anyone interested.

Good progress, let's hope I can keep it up. :)

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