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Today has been a good day

Not just because the president was re-elected, although this is, in my view, a very good thing. But so many other things have made me happy: the first out lesbian elected to the Senate, the first Asian-American woman in the Senate, a disabled female veteran going to the House of Representatives, New York state sending its first Asian woman to the house of representatives, two men who said idiotic things about rape losing their Senate races, two states legalizing pot, same sex marriage legalized in two states (Maine and Maryland) and probably also a third (Washington), and for the first time ever, it looks like voters will be rejecting an anti-marriage equality amendment to a state constitution, in Minnesota.

We are making history here, and making our voices heard. And it is awesome. If Proposition 30 passes (and at last count it was trending upward), my night will be complete. (Although I would have liked to see California ban the death penalty. But it's too popular here; it was never going to happen. I'll content myself with raising a bunch of money for education.)

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