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Hmm, this would go better if I didn't wait until the very end of the day to sit down and write something.

How about some news from the exciting world of homeownership? While I was on my road trip, our microwave died. Great timing, while poor T was just gearing up for a week of eating dinners at home alone. (He is a more than capable cook -- better than I am, really -- but he doesn't like to expend a lot of energy on cooking for one.) He tried his hand at repairing it, but it was well and truly busted, so we did a bit of research and found a shiny new replacement. While we were at it, we also replaced the dishwasher, which has been on its last legs for awhile, with one that we hope will be both quieter and more effective. The new models were delivered today, and the installer is coming to put in the new dishwasher tomorrow. (For some reason, Best Buy does these two things separately. It's okay because I'm not working, but I wonder how people who have less flexible jobs manage to get two days off in a row to wait for two separate people to come to their house.) The microwave we had hoped to do ourselves, but the install turns out to be more complicated than we'd hoped, so a friend is coming by tomorrow to get a look at it.

I'm hoping the net result of two spiffy new appliances in our aging kitchen will be a new house feeling without the work of moving. Because I hate moving. Appliance shopping is bad enough!

I will attempt to be more interesting tomorrow, I promise. :)

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