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media potpourri

I downloaded some free image manipulation software the other day so I could fool around with making userpics. This is one of my latest; SE gave me the idea and I couldn't resist. I'm lousy at it, but it's fun.

So the local Borders (local to my work, not to my home) is having an educator sale, where all local employees of schools and colleges get a 25% discount off books and music. Tomorrow is the last day, and I am contemplating dropping by at lunchtime. I already went on Friday and picked up a couple of things, but sales such as this are difficult for me to resist. Anyone have any suggestions? Is there any CD that I simply cannot live another day without? (You can look back through my music memes for an idea of my tastes. Also classical and movie scores, which won't come up in a song lyrics game. Book suggestions are also welcomed, but my to-read pile is already a mile high, and it will all be put on hold on November 8th anyway.)

Speaking of the music game, a heads up. New one tomorrow, Tuesday 10/18, probably around 8:30 am Pacific. Be there or be some dull, un-hip shape.

Finally, if you do not wish to die of cuteness, you should probably not click here.
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