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Why does November always contain a concert week when I have all this writing to do?

Concert week, day 2. In 10 minutes, I will leave the confines of this nice cozy Starbucks for the dubious charms of a very echoey church, where I will stand on either marble steps or (fingers cross) rickety metal risers for the better part of three hours, working with a new orchestra and two conductors in a valiant attempt to get all the balances right. And I will both love and hate every minute of it.

The pieces this quarter are Mozart's Vespers and Faure's Requiem. The Mozart is new to me, and I don't know it as well as I would like -- we rehearsed the final movement at our usual practice time last night, and I swear, cross my heart, that I had never seen it before on my life. (We must have worked on it at the rehearsal I missed for my road trip.) But it's a fun piece, very light and bouncy and quick, in true Mozart "too many notes" style. It might tire the royal ear, but I enjoy it. The Faure is one of the most gorgeous pieces of choral music ever written. This is the third or maybe the fourth time that will have performed it, and I love it more every time. There are sections that still give me chills just to think about them.

Dress rehearsals tonight and Thursday (Wednesday we have off), performances Friday night and Sunday afternoon -- and Saturday I am making the drive to Sacramento to hook up with some Tumblr friends, which is very exciting, but does that ever make for a busy week. And normally I'd get to flop afterwards, but we pick right up again on Monday with more rehearsals for a special performance in January. And if I'm around less than usual for the next few days, now you know why.

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