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The sky is falling

Saw "Skyfall" today. I enjoyed it -- a worthy entry in the Bond canon, cementing Daniel Craig as my favorite actor in the role so far. Not much to say about it, really, but a few thoughts behind the cut.

Silva was a good villain -- although T didn't care for him, he has a distaste for villains with complex plans that involve getting captured -- and I liked that his motives were personal rather than focused on money and/or world domination. I also enjoyed getting a closer look at M, if only because more Judi Densch is always better. I was surprised that they killed her off, although it worked well, both thematically (MI6 moving forward into a new world, where the enemies strike from the shadows, Q is a computer geek, Moneypenny is as handy with a sniper rifle as she is with a straight razor) and emotionally. Ralph Fiennes is a fine successor, although a part of me twitches a little bit to see the role going back to a male actor. Speaking of Fiennes, I kept expecting his character to turn up as one of the bad guys, as Silva's connection to the inside, using the situation to take control of MI6 for himself, to the point that I half-expected him to switch sides in the firefight.

I also liked the meta commentary on what makes a Bond film, and whether Bond can still be relevant to the current era -- Q versus Bond, the hearing, blowing up the Astin Martin. None of those things were subtle statements, but they still worked for me.

It'll be interesting to see where the series goes from here. I understand that Craig is signed for two more movies, so chances are, we'll get to find out.

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