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Situation normal, nothing to report

I was going to post about things that were planned for today, but none of them ending up coming together -- the photography gallery we were going to visit was closed for the holiday, T's holiday baking project didn't pan out because we bought the wrong kind of chocolate (fortunately we'll have time to get to the store before we make the second batch for Friday's dinner), we meant to watch Shutter Island but ran out of motivation. We did watch two more episodes of Breaking Bad -- we're almost done with the second season, and I have things to say, but I'd like to finish up the season before I go into any more detail.

I continue to make slow progress on the Dragon Age Big Bang and fail to write anything else of consequence. I feel like I should keep plugging away, but a part of me wants to take a break and write a bunch of lightweight prompt fics for a couple of days. I don' t know whether that would provide a creative spark or feel like a waste of time. Maybe I'll find out, if the mood strikes.

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