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Mass Effect: early thoughts

I promised many people my thoughts, but I don't have much to say yet. We're maybe 12 hours in. Picked up Liara but have otherwise been focusing on sidequests so far. Playing a fem!Shep Infiltrator named Jane (I tend to use the default name my first time through any RPG). She's a Spacer, a War Hero, and a Paragon through-and-through. The shooting part of combat isn't going too awfully, but I am worse than useless at handling the Mako. (May-ko or Mah-ko?) Fortunately, this is what I have a husband for.

Seems like we end up with a fair number of grayed out dialogue options. Is this because our Charm and Intimidate scores aren't high enough? Or do I need to get more Paragon points? (I think we've chosen something like three Renegade options so far, so I don't expect to build up much there.)

Also, we have yet to manage to open a single safe or locked door without use of omni-gel. Even the ones marked "Easy". Am I missing something, or is the unlocking game just stupidly hard?

Is it worth going to talk to the other team members on the Normandy on a regular basis, or do you get through most of their conversation options the first time through? Will the game make it clear when the options change, or do I need to just keep checking in with them?

I'm finding everyone on the team interesting so far. Shepard is getting along with everyone, although she's not thrilled by Ashley's anti-alien attitudes (she's a big believer in interspecies collaboration), and she and Tali got into a bit of an argument about whether the geth were justified in defending themselves. At the moment, Kaidan looks like the romance she's more likely to pursue, although it's early days yet.

I like the political stuff, predictably. The Council versus the Alliance, humans as upstarts and the jealousy of the older races that feel like humanity is getting its perks too soon. The various other interspecies rivalries. The Progenitors and the question of who came before. Shepard's vision and its implications. I look forward to seeing what comes of all of it.

Thanks to fandom osmosis -- and the fact that we attempted ME2 first, so we ran through the tool that lets you set up your choices and create an import -- I've been spoiled for quite a bit of this game, so I can relax my usual anti-spoiler rules a little bit, but I'd still appreciate it if everyone could keep spoilers vague and to a minimum in comments. Thanks. :)

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