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Year in Review: 2012

Not ganked from anyone this year, it just felt like a good time to do it.

Take the first line from the first post of each month, and that's your Year in Review. (Skipping my monthly writing wrap-up posts.)

January: Welcome to 2012, everybody.

February: I gave in to the siren call of every single person on the Internet ever and watched both seasons of Sherlock, finishing up tonight.

March: Sorry to have been so absent lately.

April: As expected, FogCon has been great so far.

May: LJ added a spoiler tag that works in comments!

June: Whenever I go a week without posting, it feels wrong, like somehow I might cease to exist in this corner of the Internet if I don't interact with it often enough.

July: Jet lag, or something, is seriously kicking my ass the last couple of days, so I haven't had much brainpower to post about anything, including the rest of the trip and coming back.

August: I was home sick from work today, so I took the opportunity to download the demo for a game that's been getting some buzz on my Tumblr dashboard: Cinders.

September: Many moons ago, [personal profile] vieralynn wrote a very detailed character development interview that I snagged with the intention of writing up for my Aeducan.

October: Sleeping in on a Monday and then wandering down to Panera, instead of being up at the crack of dawn for the first day of a new academic quarter, has helped it sink in that I'm not actually having some weird long weekend, but am facing a new era of my life.

November: What better way to give myself an incentive to do more journaling than to meet more people here?

December: Things I have done this weekend: [a lot of awesome with Nay, Sev, and Ira].

This feels very meta, with a number of posts about how rarely I've been writing posts. I'm not surprised, though, given how much I've been posting at Tumblr instead. All part of the continuing process: what to post there, what to post here, how to keep myself active and connected with my journaling community even as the fandom action mostly moves elsewhere. Is it wrong that there's a tiny part of me that hopes the ongoing Tumblr redesigns that are making it more and more difficult to carry on real conversations there will drive people back into the arms of Dreamwidth? Probably.

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