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FFX fic: "Defender of the Faith"

Dozenth time's the charm: I finally managed to complete a fic for the Chocobo Races!

Title: Defender of the Faith
Fandom: FFX (AU)
Rating: General
Wordcount: 5,272
Characters: Auron, Kinoc, Mika, Seymour, brief appearances by Yuna and Lulu
Spoilers: Yes
Notes: Written to the following prompt from muggy_mountain: "I'd like see what would have happened if Auron never went back to challenge Yunalesca -- never left the church of Yevon and rose the ranks as a bitter, cynical 'hero'." Auron as a Maester is a concept I've long wanted to poke at, mostly within the context of "A Guardian's Legacy"; this doesn't quite fit within that continuity, but I think it gets at the spirit of what I wanted to try. Mugs, I hope you like it!

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Tags: ffx, fic

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