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Giant fic crosspost! Cinders, Dragon Age, FFXII, and Sherlock (yes you read that right)

All written for prompts on Tumblr. Some on Tumblr, some crossposted to AO3.


Title: Untitled
Characters: Sophia/Prince Basile
Prompt: "Enamor Me: a fluffy drabble with characters trying to woo one another"
Notes: A ficlet rather than a drabble.

Three grand balls in a month? How long was it going to take Prince Basile to find a wife, anyway?

Dragon Age:

Title: Untitled
Characters: Marissa Hawke/Fenris
Prompt: "Remember Me: one character trying to get another to remember them"
Notes: Follows the AU ficbit "Desperate Times" (Marissa Hawke loses the battle with Danarius and he takes Fenris in exchange for her life; she follows them to carry out a rescue).

Marissa Hawke twirled her staff and let loose one final blast of raw power, lifting Danarius up and flinging him into the cave wall.

Title: Good Clean Fun
Characters: Bethany and Carver Hawke
Prompt: "Amuse Me: one character tries to cheer another up"
Notes: Warden Twins AU.

Carver Hawke is in a bad mood, and his sister Bethany knows just how to make him smile.

Title: One Last Drink
Characters: Alistair, Sten
Prompt: "Drink Me: two characters drinking together"

"Just one drink, before you go.” Sten had responded to Alistair’s request with a single nod; Alistair hadn’t really been certain whether to expect him, but here he was.


Title: Buttons
Characters: Ashe/Balthier
Prompt: "Zip Me: One character dressing another, or the other way around."

“Button me up, if you would?” Ashe leaned forward and swept her hair up off her neck.

BBC Sherlock:

Title: Telephone
Characters: Lestrade
Prompt: "Mourn Me: one character mourning another"
Notes: Not a fandom I've ever written before, and I may never write it again, but who knows? I've only watched the series once, so please forgive any errors.

Five months, one week, and three days later, Greg Lestrade sat at his desk.

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