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police survey results

We have a winner, and it's not close. But first, another quick poll.

Which song by The Police do you think received the most mentions in the poll?

Don't Stand So Close To Me
Every Breath You Take
something else

127 legitimate answers were given. Out of these, 40 people answered "Roxanne". "Every Breath You Take" placed a distant second at 21. "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" and "Don't Stand So Close To Me" essentially tied for third, receiving 17 and 16 mentions respectively. Everything else was in single digits.

The data:

Why "Roxanne"? Good question. It was the band's first single, so perhaps that makes it the first song you think of, on some subconscious level. In many ways, it defined the band's sound. I could come up with lots of other reasons. Any thoughts?

And now, the context. Earlier today, luvmoose and I were debating which was the best known Police song. We came up with a number of ways to determine this: most airplay over time, most sales, best chart performance, most enduring in people's minds. Then it occurred to me. Why not just ask? So I did.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my thoroughly unscientific research project! If I ever publish, I'll make sure to credit you all.
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