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So on top of all my other projects, I seem to have a complete draft of AGL 35. I got a windfall yesterday evening: the house to myself. T was working late, so I took advantage of the solitude to get some work done. First I played through a section of the game a couple of times -- once with pen and paper in hand to make notes, once just soaking it all in -- and then I ran up to the computer to translate the experience into words. I've spent much of this evening editing, and I think it's almost ready. Just needs to marinate overnightm, another editing pass, and it's done. It might even go up tomorrow.

I'm getting into an odd area here, since I'm mostly re-writing canon from a secondary character's point of view. Everywhere else I've been able to work in original scenes here and there, but this particular chapter doesn't really have space for that. I hope it doesn't end up being dull, just going over these bits that everyone already knows.

So I had this idea that AGL was shaping up be forty chapters. I can tell you right now, it's going to be more than that. How much more I don't know. But more, for sure. Well, it will take what it takes. I've long since given up worrying about that.
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