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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day One

Over on Tumblr, [tumblr.com profile] fearliath created a "30 Day Grey Warden Challenge" that I've been meaning to do for awhile, and February seemed like a good time to do it, and since it's a short month I've decided to start early.

The first question, question zero if you will, is: which Grey Warden? I have five now, every origin except for Tabris (and Amell, if you want to count it separately from Surana, and I do want to play it eventually to see how it feeds into DA2), although my Mahariel game is in very early stages. After some thought, and some polling the masses on Tumblr, I decided to go for Kasia Brosca, since she's one of my more interesting characters, and I haven't done anything large-scale for her character development yet. So here goes!

Day One. Let’s start of with a basic profile of your character.

What is their full name? Kasia Brosca. I didn't pick the name for any particular reason; I was just playing with names that sounded vaguely dwarf-like, given the names of canon characters, and this one struck me as a good one. Note: her name is pronounced "Kass-ee-a", not "Kay-zha". Rica called her "Kas" when they were little, and Kasia allows particularly close friends to use that nickname if they like.

Age? Nineteen at the start of DA:O.

Birthday? She doesn't know exactly. Orzammar doesn't have seasons, and most common people don't care about when specific days are. Especially not in Dust Town. Rica, who is three years older than Kasia, remembers that a particular Proving in honor of King Endrin's name day happened around the time Kasia was born, so Kasia figures that's close enough.

Gender? Female

Race? Dwarf

Class? Casteless

Background? Opportunities for the casteless are limited in Orzammar. Kasia was fortunate, if you want to look at it that way, to be a quick and clever fighter, catching the notice of local thug leader Beraht at a very young age. So Beraht hired her on, for small jobs at first, then bigger ones as she honed her skills. A part of Kasia longed to escape Orzammar and seek out a better life on the surface, but Rica was unwilling to leave their mother, and Kasia was unwilling to leave Rica. So she was stuck there, always looking longingly at the doors, never quite daring to slip through them into an adventure -- until Duncan came along and gave her a way out.

Picture? Kasia was a console Warden, so I don't have many screenshots of her, but here's a selection. I also commissioned fanart from [tumblr.com profile] whitethornwolf, which can be seen here. (I've used this artwork as my Tumblr icon since the day I got it, which tells you how much I adore it, and my Kasia.)

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