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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Three

This is actually yesterday's question. Oops. Hopefully I'll have time for today's later. Maybe during the Super Bowl. Master list of questions here.

Day Three: A detailed description of your Warden's personality

Kasia is quick, bright, and good-hearted, although a rough childhood taught her that sometimes she needs to act to her own advantage without caring much about who might get hurt. When her family needs to eat, and there's food there for the taking, she don't lose sleep worrying about the people she stole it from. They probably have more than she does, anyway -- she only steals from merchants and Beraht's toadies, not her fellow dusters (unless she's really desperate). She's not well educated -- she doesn't learn to read until she comes to the surface, and she only knows enough math to get by in the market -- but she's intelligent and a fast learner. Kasia is outgoing and genuinely likes most people -- she's curious about them, wants to get to know them. Sometimes this manifests in asking too many questions, but she's pretty good at knowing when to back off. Despite everything she's been through, she tends to be optimistic, and she wants to think the best of most people. On the other hand, she also tends to make snap judgements about some people -- she fears and resents the nobility, and tends to distrust anyone in a position of authority.

What strengths/redeeming qualities does your warden have? Her intelligence, and her ability to think on her feet and make snap decisions, and usually good ones. Her fast humor and friendly smile. Her enthusiasm, which tends to be infectious.

What is your Warden’s biggest flaw(s)/weaknesses? Impatience. Because she learned to make decisions quickly -- hesitating can often be a life or death matter in Dust Town -- she doesn't have much patience for letting a situation develop slowly, or gathering intelligence before choosing a direction. As a small-time thug, this method served her well, but it's not the best trait in a leader. She's also impulsive and can be very stubborn. If she's made her mind up about something, whether quickly or well considered, it's hard to talk her out of it.

How does your character change/develop during the Blight? Do they become more compassionate? Darker? Do they grow up? Kasia makes two big changes during the Blight. First, largely thanks to Alistair, she gets better about not judging people by their backgrounds. She also develops more capacity to understand the viewpoint of other people, to think about the larger good and not just her needs, and those of the people she cares about, in the moment.

Does your character fit any cliches? A bit of Loveable Rogue, a bit of Plucky Girl, although neither of those is an exact fit. Kasia is definitely one of the good guys, despite her criminal leanings, and she's a little too dark to be a true Plucky Girl. But somewhere in the intersection is a good fit for her.

What habits/quirks does your character have? Kasia is a habitual pickpocket. Like the proverbial magpie, it's very hard for her to see something shiny without wanting to pick it up. Duncan's lecture at Ostagar was an incentive to break the impulse, but she never shakes it entirely. She's also a whistler -- you'll always hear her coming, unless she doesn't want you to hear her coming.

What would your character Hogwarts House be? Why? Without question, Kasia would be a Gryffindor. Brave, protective of her friends and family, willing to rush in where wiser heads fear to tread: classic Gryffindor material.

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