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DA Kiss Battle Announcement!

Announcing the 2013 Dragon Age Kiss Battle!

Banner for the 2013 Dragon Age Kiss Battle

Based on the Kiss Battle that has run in the Final Fantasy fandom for the last few years (credit to [personal profile] seventhe for the most recent variation on the rules), this is just a fun way to celebrate February with lots of fun kissing fanworks. Any kind of kiss is welcome -- het, slash, femslash; shippy, familial, gen; cheek kisses, mouth kisses, kissing of... other things; serious, fluffy, silly, or all three at once; fanfic, fanart, whatever you come up with; anything goes!

The official post is here. It will open to prompts and comments at approximately 9AM Pacific Time, Thursday February 7th (Click here for the time in your timezone). OpenID and anonymous commenting will be on. If you're curious to see how it works, here's a link to last year's battle.

Any questions, concerns or feedback? Let me know!

Credit for screenshots to Tumblr users anthologyofwhat, autumnyte, heretherebdragons, ilikelookingatnakedmen, kinlochhold, and vieralynn! Thanks to everyone for letting me use your images.

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