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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Four

Day Four: Describe your character's relationship with every member of their party.

Alistair - Kasia took to Alistair right away. He was funny, friendly, and cute, and she liked how he didn't take anything too seriously. She was devastated at the death of the other Wardens, particularly Duncan, so they bonded further through their shared grief, and they were well on their way to a fun, flirty romance. And then he revealed his parentage outside Redcliffe, and she was thrown off balance. How could this sweet guy, a kindred spirit to her in many ways, be a secret noble? She got angry and pulled back, and then she angered him in return when she chose to sacrifice Isolde to save Connor and the village. After an epic blow-up at camp, they barely spoke until she gave him his mother's amulet. That thawed relations some, and they slowly worked their way back to friendship -- and eventually, in the days before the Landsmeet, realized they'd been in love with each other all along.

Morrigan - Kasia got off on a bad foot with Morrigan -- she didn't like what she perceived as her cruelty to Alistair over his grief for the Wardens -- and though they recovered eventually, they never became close. She likes having Morrigan at her back and admires her independence, but they couldn't find much in the way of common ground.

Leliana - Even more bewildering to Kasia was Leliana. The worship of the Maker makes no sense to Kasia whatsoever, so she looks at Leliana's religious fervor with more than a little skepticism; neither can she relate to the love of shoes and fine dresses. She does enjoy listening to Leliana tell stories, though. She'll happily sit at her feet and listen to tales of far of times and places for hours. If Kasia had the patience to draw Leliana out, she'd probably have learned that they have more in common after all, but they never really got to that point, not even after they took out Marjolaine.

Zevran - Kasia saw Zevran as a kindred spirit right from the start. They bonded over their shared past as young criminals, swapped war stories, and flirted outrageously with each other. When Kasia was looking for some comfort after a rough battle, it was Zevran she sought out, and the two of them easily fell into a friends with benefits situation. Because Zevran duplicates Kasia's battle skill set almost exactly (dual-wield rogue, assassin specialization, high stealth -- and she's a much better lockpick), he was rarely in the active party, but she would often come back to camp to get his thoughts and advice on a situation (and, if applicable, a quick snog). Even after their physical relationship ended, they remained close friends.

Shale - The biggest surprise to me as a player was how easily Kasia and Shale became friends. Kasia enjoyed Shale's irreverence, shared her dislike of things that fall from the sky, and was horrified at how Wilhelm treated her. Helping Shale recover her history as Shayle of House Kadash was one of Kasia's proudest moments of the Blight.

The Sten - Kasia tried to get to know Sten, but her incessant questions put him off, and she couldn't understand why he would believe that the Qun, which to her sounded suspiciously like a re-skinning of the dwarven caste system, is a good way to run things. As she became more confident about being in charge of the party, they built a good working relationship, but not much beyond that.

Wynne - Kasia rolled her eyes at Wynne a lot -- a mentor was the last thing she was looking for, although in truth she could have benefited from listening to her more often. In particular, the lectures about being a Grey Warden and responsibility were not well received. On the other hand, Kasia trusted Wynne, even when she didn't like her, and when she decided she needed to learn how to read, it was Wynne she asked for lessons.

Oghren - Kasia was happy to have Oghren along -- she knew nothing about the Deep Roads when they started, so his experience was welcome. She also enjoyed his crass humor and taste for good ale, although she was less than amused when he started hitting on her. Fortunately, she put a quick enough stop to that, and they are mostly friendly.

Dog – Scraps was Kasia's best friend, the rock she turned to when being leader of this raggedy band got to be too much for her. She picked his name because his fighting style was so scrappy, and because on that first day, he happily devoured the leftovers from the stewpot, not even seeming to mind Alistair's cooking. If she needed some time alone, or just to vent, she would get alone with Scraps and talk through whatever was bothering her. He would never judge her, or give unwanted advice.

Awakening Companions - Kasia recruited everyone in Awakening, although she picked up Velanna last, so she wasn't able to complete her Joining. She did a very poor job of seeing eye-to-eye with Nathaniel -- thanks to Alistair, she's not quite as knee-jerk hateful of nobility as she once was, but Nathaniel had enough issues seeing past his privilege at first that she didn't make a good connection with him, and in the end he left the Grey Wardens. She got along with everyone else, though, particularly Anders, whose snark she adores, and Sigrun, who was even more of a kindred spirit than Zevran. They were as close as sisters by the end, and even though Kasia went back to Denerim after the crisis was over, they stayed in touch.

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