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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Five

Okay, so it turns out I won't be doing one of these every day. Perhaps you are even relieved to hear this. ;) But I will keep working on it as I can.

Day Five. Who is your Warden's romantic interest(s)? Describe their relationship(s) in detail.

Kasia had two romantic interests throughout her game, and they were somewhat influence by her history, so I won't be answering the subquestions exactly as linked above, but I will use them as a guideline.

Well, I say she had two romantic interests, but it's more correct to say there were three. Kasia's first romantic interest was actually Leske. Not the first in her life -- Kasia started attracting and seeking out boys when she was quite young, and so she had several flirtations and affairs before she started working with Leske -- most memorably with another Carta street rat named Fahlen, whom she got close to right before he got caught stealing from the wrong merchant and ended up in the Legion of the Dead. But at the time of the game's opening, she was head over heels for Leske, even though he treated her more like an annoying kid sister and seemed more interested in Rica. A part of her knew it was a hopeless crush, and yet she couldn't help hoping that eventually he'd stop flirting with Rica and the other noble hunters way out of his league and see the perfect girl at his side. When Duncan recruited her and Leske encouraged her to go without hesitation, it broke her heart, a little, but Kasia is nothing if not resilient, and by the time she reached Ostagar, she was so excited and overwhelmed to be on the surface that she barely thought about Leske at all. Plus, there was this cute new guy in camp to claim her attention...

As I mentioned in the Companions post, Kasia was attracted to Alistair right away: his looks, his humor, his enthusiasm. It didn't take much to move the friendship to flirtation and then to tentative feelings... but before it could go any further, a series of disastrous conversations in Redcliffe put the kibosh not only on the blossoming relationship but any kind of friendship at all, at least for a time. In Kasia's eyes, Alistair had hid an important part of himself from her, whereas she had laid all her cards on the table, and she couldn't trust him any more, especially since it turned out that he was a sodding noble. She'd thought he was an outcast, like her, but he wasn't. How could the son of a king be an outcast? Fairly or not, she saw it as a betrayal, and even when they started talking again, she kept him at arm's length, and it seemed clear that he was doing the same.

Not long after, Zevran joined the party, and he was just what Kasia needed: flirtatious without Alistair's awkwardness, placed no demands on her, smoking hot. She saw a kindred spirit in him, another who had to learn to operate on the outside, to harden their heart to doing terrible things, to take their advantages -- and their comforts -- where they could get them. Having been burned with Alistair, though, she kept the flirtation light, avoiding confronting any of her feelings about anyone... until Haven and the Gauntlet.

Leske appeared to Kasia in the Gauntlet, and it threw her off-balance. She had successfully put him out of her mind for so long, but now she was consumed with worry for him, and Rica, and everyone she had left behind. Sure, he'd told her to go, but what if he'd been lying? Doing what he thought was best for her, not for himself? Deep down, she knew that Leske was more selfish than that, but she couldn't shake the thought. So the next stop was Orzammar, and she was unprepared for the truths she discovered there: Leske, not just working for Jarvia but sharing a bed with her, and willing to betray Kasia to her. (I was unspoiled for this development, so it rocked me almost as hard as it did Kasia.) Angry and heartsick, she went to Zevran for comfort and forgetfulness, issuing an invitation to her tent that was enthusiastically accepted. On that night, and many night afterwards. He never talked about feelings, or love, and neither did she -- she was tired of loving people she couldn't have, happy to keep things light. Friends with benefits suited Kasia just fine.

That situation continued until Denerim, when in the events before the Landsmeet, the spark between Alistair and Kasia unexpectedly rekindled: the heady escape from Fort Drakon, the horror of the Alienage, the reminders of what they shared as Grey Wardens brought up when she found Duncan's shield and presented it to him. He was touched that she remembered their conversations about Duncan from so long ago; she was honestly surprised that he thought she might have forgotten. That moment led to talking, which led to an admission of feelings, which led to smooching, followed almost immediately by Alistair asking her to choose between him and Zevran. Kasia looked in her heart, and it wasn't really a choice. As much fun as she was having with Zevran, as much as she had come to depend on him for support, in the end she couldn't deny the bond she'd formed with Alistair over the past year, and that the propsect of being without him hurt much more than the thought of losing Zevran. So she broke it off with Zevran, spent the night with Alistair, and they were together from then on.

Such is the epic tale of Kasia Brosca's romance during the Blight. Much of this is also told in story form, in the ficlet series From Dust We Came.

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