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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Six

Day Six. Describe your Warden’s sexuality.

What is your Warden’s sexual orientation? Kasia is straight, both in terms of her sexual and romantic preferences. She's had fleeting curiosity about women a few times, but never to the point of wanting to act on it.

Describe your Warden’s past lovers. It's a stretch to call any of Kasia's sexual partners before the Blight "lovers" -- like many Dust Town street kids, Kasia had a number of sexual experiences in her youth, but the relationships, such as they were, rarely lasted beyond a night or two. The one exception was Fahlen, a boy who she spent several months with, and she was very fond of him before he got sent to the Legion of the Dead. Then she fell for Leske, and even though nothing ever happened with him, she found that she just wasn't interested in hooking up with random Dusters.

How does your Warden feel about sex before marriage? Do feelings/commitment need to be involved for your Warden? Or are they okay with a fling? Marriage is not a concept with much relevance to Kasia's life, but as far as sex without commitment goes, Kasia is totally fine with it, both in theory and in practice. It was all she ever knew, really, before Fahlen, and she didn't have any moral problems with sleeping around while she was pining for Leske -- if she'd met someone she'd liked during that time, she'd totally have gone for it. She just wasn't finding guys who lived up to the standard Leske was setting. (Or so she kept telling herself.) When Alistair asked her to choose between him and Zevran, she was a bit taken aback -- continuing to sleep with Zevran sometimes wouldn't invalidate her feelings for Alistair in any way. But she respected his wishes and broke things off with Zevran, although not without a pang of disappointment.

How does your Warden feel first time visiting The Pearl? Like a kid in a candy store. But this was right after the blow-up with Alistair had her emotions in disarray, and she was also too conscious about not wanting to spend what little money they had on frivolous things. So she reluctantly decided not to sample the wares.

Did your Warden ask Isabela to ‘get to know her better?’ Why? She did, but Isabela turned her down, probably because she could tell that Kasia's heart wasn't really in it. She asked mostly out a feeling that she didn't have a prayer of beating Isabela at cards, not showing the confidence that Isabela would probably have preferred to see (and Kasia never did manage to win her cooperation).

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