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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Seven

Day Seven: Describe your Warden's choices in the five main quests.

Arl of Redcliffe – Kasia did not hesitate to offer her help to the villagers, although she didn't manage to get everyone survive the night -- Murdoch didn't make it, and neither did Dwyn. Once inside the castle, she accepted Isolde's offer to sacrifice herself for Connor, in part because they hadn't been to the Circle yet, and she didn't know enough about magic to ask the right questions to find out about the third option. If someone had to die, better a grown woman than a kid, and she was also touched that Isolde would care enough about her son to die for him (she has no illusions on that score about her own mother). She had Jowan go into the Fade to save the boy because she believes people should clean up their own messes if they can. The attempt was successful, and she handed Jowan over to the Redcliffe officials to punish him as they saw fit; she felt a little sorry for him, but he had made the trouble for himself.

Urn of Sacred Ashes - Kasia fought the cult and left the ashes alone. Not that she particularly cares about Andraste, but she had Alistair and Wynne along at the time, and she thought they might not like it if she messed with them. She let Brother Genitivi go, figuring that no one with any sense would believe him anyway.

Broken Circle – When Kasia first arrived at the Circle, she told Greagior that she'd kill the mages, but then she met up with Wynne, whom she remembered from Ostagar. They'd had a pleasant conversation on that day, and Kasia was inclined to think fondly of Wynne because she'd treated Kasia like an equal. So she trusted Wynne, and together they saved the mages.

A Paragon of Her Kind – Kasia crowned Bhelen, and there was never really any question about it -- Rica loves Bhelen, and Bhelen and his man both dropped some pretty broad hints that Rica's safety would be best guaranteed by Kasia's support. In the Deep Roads, Kasia was horrified to learn that golems enslaved living dwarves, and the prospect of the casteless being led to the Anvil of the Void en masse was more than enough incentive for her to destroy it. She also got the Legion of the Dead to agree to fight in the final battle with the archdemon.

Nature of the Beast - Kasia (like all my Wardens before her) convinced Zathrian to lift the curse from the werewolves, thereby securing their lives and the Dalish's cooperation. She also sided with the Old Oak.

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