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Today, on the recommendation of many people, we played Journey. What a gorgeous little game. Definitely recommended, although it was over too soon. Beautiful artwork, perfect music (the soundtrack was only $5 on iTunes, making it an instant buy), and it was often exhilarating. I enjoyed the little bit of multi-player, too.

Over on Tumblr, [personal profile] vieralynn asked me what my favorite part of the game was, and I had a hard time narrowing it down. The art? The atmosphere (to which the music was a perfect contribution)? The simplicity of gameplay? The sense that we are seeing the postscript to longer, older story, but this piece is all that we are ever going to get? A little bit of all of those, I suppose.

I feel like I want to talk about this game with people, but I’m not sure how to start a conversation about it. It seems almost too easy to suggest that the game is a metaphor for the cycle of life, but it’s just sitting right there, waiting for me. A trek through the desert, solving puzzles that you can do by yourself but are much easier if you have a little help, and then you die and are resurrected into a beautiful new place, where you can fly through the air almost with impunity — and then after passing through a mysterious door, you go back to the beginning. Maybe I should look for something beyond the obvious interpretation, but that seems pretty obvious.

If other people have thoughts, I would love to talk about them. And if you don't have thoughts because you haven't played it (and you have access to a PS3), then seriously, go play. It's a short game, and I'm already looking forward to experiencing it again.

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Feb. 12th, 2013 09:21 pm (UTC)
I played it last summer and absolutely loved everything about it - and I'm not usually a fan of any kind of co-op except with friends, which I get to do very rarely (ME3 is the exception so far). I also immediately bought the soundtrack. It's won a whole slew of awards including quite a few GOTY, I believe (and a Grammy!). I haven't yet played it again but I definitely will be doing so, though I think the first time will always be the most special.

I'm glad I went for it because I'm usually very wary/put off by things that are massively overhyped by everybody, though sometimes it steers me right (Harry Potter, Mass Effect).

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