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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Eight

Day Eight. Describe your Warden's choices later in the game: The Alienage, the Landsmeet and Morrigan’s ritual, as well as in-game DLC.

Unrest in the Alienage: There was never any question of whether Kasia was going to accept Caladrius's offer. She killed him, without a second thought, and let all the slaves go. It hit too close to home.

The Landsmeet: The Landsmeet was tough for Kasia, because diplomacy is not her strong suit. She got most of the nobles on her side, but not quite all, and Anora spoke against her. She briefly contemplated letting Loghain live, but Alistair's vehement opinion on the subject, and her own adoration of Duncan, decided the day. She let Alistair execute Loghain, and then Alistair claimed the throne.

Morrigan’s ritual: Kasia agreed to ask Alistair to do the ritual without much question. Hmm, death for herself or her boyfriend, the King, or maybe they both get to live? And he just needs to sleep with Morrigan once? THat's not even a choice.

Soldier’s Peak: Kasia sided with Sophia and let her go afterwards. She's also the only one of my Wardens so far to drink the blood potion and take the special abilities.

The Stone Prisoner: Kasia did not manage to save Amelia, and it broke her heart that she died. She killed the desire demon.

Return to Ostagar: Kasia burned Cailan's remains -- she didn't really care what happened to them, but it's what Alistair wanted her to do. Since she went to Ostagar before visiting Redcliffe, it seemed weird to her that it mattered so much to Alistair. Cailan was just a man, and a noble at that, although admittedly he had been much nicer to her than she would have expected possible from someone of his rank. When she found out later that Cailan was Alistair's half-brother, Alistair's emotional responses made a lot more sense to her.

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