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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Ten

Day 10. How did your Warden react to being recruited?

What did your Warden know about the Wardens before they were recruited? Not a whole lot. Like most things relating to the surface, the Grey Wardens were almost mythological in Kasia's mind. They were a group that existed, and people said good things about them when they talked about them at all, but they had very little connection with her daily life.

What was your Warden's first impression of Duncan? Did their first impression ever change? Why do they think Duncan recruited them? Kasia took an instant liking to Duncan. He was the first non-Duster to ever talk to her as an equal, and that was before he even saw her fight in the Proving. The idea that she might be worthy of respect from someone important blew her away. Her esteem for him only grew over time. She never had any reason to believe that Duncan recruited her for any reason other than the one he gave: she proved her worth on the Proving Grounds, and again when she fought her way out of prison.

Was your Warden conscripted? Or did they choose to go with Duncan? What was their first impression of being recruited into the Wardens? Were they honored? Did they see it as a chance to escape their lives and go on a adventure? Or did they resent Duncan for forcing them away from their home? Honored, excited, humbled... all of the above and more. If she'd thought Duncan would have accepted her as a volunteer, back when they first met at the Proving, she probably would have offered. So yeah, I'd say she was a willing recruit. :) No need for conscription or even coercion.

How did your Warden feel about leaving their home? Did they find it difficult saying goodbye to any loved ones? Kasia was sad to leave Rica and Leske, but she had no difficulty leaving Orzammar itself. She had no opportunities there even before she got in trouble with the city guard and the Carta, so becoming a Grey Warden was the perfect escape. And once on the surface, Kasia had no interest in ever going back. Kasia loves the surface. There's so much to see and do there, so much opportunity! Orzammar never changes -- it's stale, stagnant. The surface has an ever-shifting quality to it: the changes in weather, the seasons, nations rising and falling, plants growing, dying, and being born anew. It's exhilarating, and she never wants to give it up.

How did your Warden react to meeting King Cailan? Defensive at first, but quick to open up once she realized that Cailan, like Duncan, would treat her with respect. So different from how she imagines the Aeducans to be!

What was your Warden's first impression of Alistair? Did their first impression ever change? What did they think of Daveth and Ser Jory? As discussed in previous entries, Kasia took to Alistair right away, and her impressions didn't really change until she found out he was of the nobility. She liked Daveth pretty well, seeing him as a kindred spirit, but Ser Jory seemed like a stuck-up coward.

What was your Warden's first impression of Morrigan? Did their first impression ever change? What did they think of Flemeth? Kasia liked Morrigan at first, then got less enamored with her after she was mean to Alistair about the loss of the Wardens. Flemeth was a little intimidating, but Kasia didn't yet know enough about magic to be properly scared of her.

How did your Warden react to finding out what the Joining was? How did your Warden react to Daveth dying? To Duncan killing Ser Jory? She took the information about the Joining in stride. It makes sense, really, that they'd need some way to become immune to the darkspawn. She was sad to lose Daveth and a little surprised when Duncan knifed Jory, but she wasn't too upset by it. It's hardly the most shocking thing she'd ever seen, and she was too busy being nervous about her own date with the Joining chalice to really think through what had just happened.

What was your Warden's Joining Nightmare like? How did they react when they woke up? Kasia was shaken by the dream, but not to the point that she would tell anyone about it. She trusted Alistair and Duncan as much as she trusted anyone, but she'd rather not show that kind of weakness if she didn't have to.

Did they keep their Warden’s Oath locket or did they sell it/lose it? Kept it. It was a reminder of her new life, and of how far she'd come since her old one. She wore it through most of the Blight and kept it with her even afterwards.

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