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My Kiss Battle Offerings

I've been busy! This is most everything I've written thus far, except for one Bethany/Nathaniel/Anders that I think I may continue on past kissing the next time I'm in the mood to write up some porn. It's been a blast (and I'll keep modding the DAKB as long as people keep writing and prompting!), but I'm probably done for now. Time to move on to a request fic and a trope bingo story, both in MCU.


Title: Recovery
Characters: Lulu, Wakka, Luzzu
Prompt: "Wakka/Lulu/Luzzu, Putting the broken pieces back together"
Notes: Also inspired by my recent replay of FFX. Set right after Operation Mi'ihen.
On AO3


Title: Distractions
Characters: Balthier/Ashe, Fran
Prompt: "It's not for your benefit that I do this," said Fran
Notes: Yep, that's not a prompt I could have possibly resisted.
On AO3


Title: Morning Watch
Characters: Fang/Vanille
Prompt: Fang/Vanille: early morning, when the light is soft and the dew is cool.
Notes: Set on Gran Pulse. Just a bit of fluff.
On AO3

Dragon Age

Title: Bar Stories
Characters: Merrill, Isabela, Aveline, Varric
Prompt: Varric/Cassandra, "It's true, I was there"
Notes: Unreliable narrators for the win. A quickly-written minifill.

Title: The Leaving
Characters: Loral Mahariel/Merrill
Prompt: Mahariel/Merrill, we should have had more than this
Notes: Somewhat based on my not-yet-finished m!Mahariel playthrough.
On AO3

Title: Business and Pleasure
Characters: Alistair/Anora
Prompt: Alistair/Anora, duty need not be unpleasant
On AO3

Title: Visitations
Characters: Morrigan, Flemeth, the Old God Baby
Prompt: Flemeth+Morrigan, what makes a mother
Notes: Like I can turn down a prompt that lets me write about the Old God Baby.
On AO3

Title: Thief
Characters: Sereda Aeducan/Gorim
Prompt: "Stealing is wrong, your highness"
Notes: Based on my canon Aeducan.
On AO3

Title: Security Breach
Characters: Isabela, Elissa Cousland
Prompt: Isabela/f!Warden, unexpected reunion
Notes: Not my canon Cousland. Inspired by [personal profile] lassarina's Kiss Battle fill for Alistair/Isabela.
On AO3

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