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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Eleven

I kind of fell off the wagon on this one; oops. I don't think I'll double-up on answers, at least not for now. Maybe when I get to some of the shorter-answer questions.

Day Eleven: What does your Warden believe in?

What does your Warden believe in? Are they a Atheist? Why? And how strong are their beliefs? Kasia was raised within the dwarven faith: to believe in her connection to the stone, and that the ancestors go back to the stone and watch over the dwarves, but as a casteless she was also taught that her ancestors were unworthy. Kasia rejects this view, though, and so she's tossed out most of the teachings along with it. As a result, she is not particularly religious and views those who are with more than a little suspicion. She doesn't believe in ancestors or gods; she believes in herself and her friends. Real things, things she can see and touch and interact with, people she knows and can trust.

Do their beliefs affect their relationship with their companions? Somewhat. She doesn't understand the Chantry or worship of the Maker at all -- it seems even more ridiculous to her than worshiping the stone, because as least stone is useful -- and The Qun is even worse, because from her point of view it's too similar to the caste system. So it's harder for her to relate to Leliana and Sten, although eventually she comes to be friends with both of them.

Do their beliefs affect their choices while battling against the Blight? Really only one: she refuses to help Brother Burkel establish a Chantry in Orzammar, because why would she want to open the door to allowing those fanatics in her city?

How do they react to learning more about the different religions of Thedas? As above, none of them really make any sense to her. She's always happy to learn more, of course, because she finds the surface and its mysteries endlessly fascinating, but the idea of putting faith in something so remote as a god just seems pointless.

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