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FFX Replay: Macalania, Bikanel, Bevelle

This, to me, is the heart of the game: from the Guardians arriving at Home through leaving Bevelle. The revelations large and small, the growth experienced by every single character, Auron finally starts to let his hand show, my favorite cut scene ever: I could play it again and again.

  • Update to a previous thought -- so the bodies of the Al-Bhed in the Summoner's Sanctum do disappear after Dona and Isaaru send them, in contrast to the bodies that stay on the beach after Operation Mi'ihen. On the other hand, a fiend (a wendigo) comes to life before they've finished, so maybe that's the difference. And in Bevelle, Seymour uses Kinoc's corpse as well as four living people (one warrior monk and three Guado) to create his armor for the battle with Yuna and co. So I have to call the results of this study inconclusive.

  • Also in the Summoner's Sanctum, I was really struck by Tidus's interactions with Valefor when he gets upset about Yuna, and the way Valefor bowed her head and wrapped her wings around Tidus, as if to comfort him, to share in his sadness. The bond between the summoners and the aeons must go both ways. What if the aeons grieve every time a summoner dies? What if they're tired of losing tiny pieces of themselves, of crumbling slowly over the centuries? Just another reason they, too, want the cycle to end.

  • One of the things I always look forward to in this bit of the game are the interactions between Auron and Kinoc in Bevelle. The moment I noticed this time: when Seymour orders the warrior monks to stand down, and Kinoc pulls the gun away from Auron's face, he has a strange expression, like he's both disappointed and relieved that he won't be pulling the trigger.

After this, we have a little bit of falling action, as the party crosses the Calm Lands, plays the Monster Hunting game (easily my favorite sidequest), explores Yojimbo's cave, and heads for Gagazet. Good times.

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