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February update; March goals

Days written: 24/28
Words written: 18,979
Words of fic written: 12,533
Stories worked on: Three, plus a bunch of kiss battle stories
Stories posted: Two, plus nine for the kiss battles

Specific goals:

1. Write at least 6 days per week. On average, yes; in absolute terms, no. Interestingly, while unemployed, my greatest challenge has been finding writing time on weekends. I feel bad taking away from the time I have to spend with T when I get so much time to myself on weekdays.

2. Polish and post my DABB by deadline. Finished! And I'm quite proud of the result, so if you read Dragon Age fic and haven't taken a look yet, I recommend it.

3. Run DA Kiss Battle, and participate in FF Kiss Battle (I'd love to write at least two fics). More than successful all around. The DA Kiss Battle was active for almost two weeks, and I wrote several stories myself. And I wrote three stories for the FF Kiss Battle, for three different canons (FFX, FFXII, and FFXIII -- the latter also being a contribution to Femslash February).

4. Finish the Trope Bingo WIP I started this week and start at least one more. Completed the WIP and got bunnied for another -- an Iron Man/Sherlock Holmes crossover, of all things, for the "Fusion + Doppleganger" prompt. But I haven't had the opportunity to start work on it yet; my main project for the second half of the month has been a Captain America story for a fic giveaway I did on Tumblr. That's coming slowly but surely.

5. Work on the 30 Day Grey Warden meme. I worked on it, but didn't even get halfway through. I'll have to finish it over the next month.

Busy month, mostly on the battles and wrapping up DABB. I'd like to say I won't let projects take me over as much next month, but when has that ever been true? Also March is going to be freaking busy, between birthday festivities and FogCon and a concert week, so I will make my goals on the modest side.

1. Write an average of 5 days per week.

2. Finish and post giveaway story.

3. Write something for the second round of dragonagewomen (and ideally combine this with finishing off a [community profile] trope_bingo square).

4. Finish up the 30 Day Warden Challenge.

5. Time permitting, start Iron Man/Sherlock story.

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