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First day at FogCon: complete! The first panel I wanted to attend was at 4:30, and I got here about an hour before that, which was plenty of time to check in to the hotel and settle in. That panel was about building a world and creating a criminal justice system based on that world, and it was fun and serious and silly and just very hard to describe. After that was the dinner break, which I spent about half in the con suite snacking and chatting with people, and about half in my room writing up a few notes for my panel tomorrow. Next stop was ConTention, which is not so much a panel as an event, during which the attendees have moderated arguments about all kinds of science fiction and fantasy related topics. This is a tradition at FogCon, and I have to say it's one of my favorites -- having intelligent discussion about all kinds of topics, with an opinionated moderator who's good at not letting things get out of hand, and chatting with folks afterwards. And I had a great shining moment, too, when I introduced the moderator and a few other people to the concept of slash goggles (in the context of whether the text of Harry Potter supports J.K. Rowling's contention that she intended Dumbledore to be gay).

There were a couple of late panels that sounded interesting, but by then I was really hungry, so I grabbed dinner in the hotel restaurant and then went back to the con suite, which was hopping with nice people and fun conversation, and I spent two hours standing around and chatting with people about all kinds of things. Once nice thing about FogCon is that every year, I feel like I find more people who are in fandom and who are familiar with the fanfic community -- there are a lot of writers at this con, most of them writing for publication, but many of them write and/or read fanfiction as well -- and it's one of the few offline places that I can be really, truly comfortable with being open in my identity as a writer. I have to say, it feels pretty good.

And now to wind down a little bit before bedtime, and my Big Afternoon. Let's hope I don't die of nerves between now and then.

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