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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Thirteen

Wow. Okay. Today is the 13th. If I do one of these a day, I will be done by the end of the month, and I won't lose track of where I am. Let's pick this back up... now!

13. Viewpoint [Part One - Race & Social Class]. Describe how your Warden feels about the Dwarven caste system, Human nobility and Elven alienages. Also go into detail about your own Wardens race/social class and if they are proud/ashamed of where they come from.

Dwarven caste system: Kasia loathes the caste system. Despises it to the core of her very being. She spent her whole life seeing firsthand how the system is used to oppress people, to keep the casteless and other lower classes under the thumbs of the nobility, and how scum like Beraht use it to force people to do his bidding -- it's not like the casteless can turn Beraht in to the authorities. They're stuck with it. If she could wave a magic wand and bring a revolution to Orzammar, she would have. Putting Bhelen on the throne, and then later making sure that the casteless's role in defending Kal'Hirol becomes common knowledge, are both steps in that direction.

Human nobility: Deeply suspicious, just like she is of dwarven nobility. Human nobles might talk a good game, but in the end aren't they just as willing to exploit the people beneath them? Just learning that Alistair has a noble father was enough to make Kasia distrust him, at least until she got over the shock of the revelation. Eventually she came around, but when it came to the Landsmeet there was no one else she would trust to lead Ferelden. She holds herself distant from every other noble she meets, in part because she's afraid she might say or do the wrong thing and make trouble.

Elven alienages: Kasia has a lot of sympathy for the city elves, because they remind her of her friends and family and their situation back in Dust Town. (Learning that Loghain sold city elves into slavery was pretty much the last straw on him as far as she was concerned.) She doesn't find conditions in the Alienage shocking; rather, it feels all too familiar. Although the dwarves are her first priority, if she can do anything to improve their situation, she will.

Kasia's race and social class: The limitations of being born casteless chafed at Kasia all her life, and she jumped at the chance to transcend them by joining the Grey Wardens. She's not ashamed of where she came from -- she believes that surviving the challenges of Dust Town made her strong -- but she doesn't spend much time dwelling on it, either. Because dwarven society created and perpetuates the caste system, Kasia doesn't have much of what one might call "dwarf pride". Dwarves are just people, some good and some bad, and she's much more likely to bond with someone over shared beliefs and backgrounds than because they are a fellow dwarf.

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