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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Fourteen

14. Viewpoint [Part Two - Mages Rights]. How does your character view Mages? Apostates? Blood Magic? How do they react to Morrigan’s shape shifting? How do they react to Wynne being a abomination? If they are a Mage describe their views of the Circle and if they believe they should be free or not.

Mages and magic in general: Being a dwarf without much knowledge or experience of the surface, when Kasia first becomes a Grey Warden, magic has about as much relevance to her life as the moon does -- she's heard that such a thing exists, but she's never seen it, knows next to nothing about it, and finds the very concept hard to wrap her head around. A giant floating orb in the sky that glows at night? People who can manipulate the elements and energy fields with their minds? They're about equally fantastic to her. She doesn't have enough knowledge about magic and what it can do to even be properly afraid of mages -- they're just more surfacers that she doesn't understand. She reacts similarly to Morrigan's shape shifting and Wynne's spirit possession. "Wow, you can turn into a spider?" "Wow, you came back from the dead?" Cool things, useful things, no weirder than a thousand other things she's experiencing for the first time.

Apostates and the Circle: More surfacer stuff. On one level, Kasia can sympathize with mages who chose to live on their own rather than submit themselves to an authority that gives them no choice in the matter. On the other hand, she doesn't see it relating exactly to the situation of the casteless or the city elves, because casteless and city elves aren't inherently more dangerous than other dwarves or city-dwelling humans. She's fought abominations, been tempted by demons, and there's a world of difference between a pride demon and a Carta thug. Overall, she wouldn't turn in an apostate who hadn't done anything wrong, but she can see why the surfacers set up a system to rein mages in.

Blood magic: Kasia knew next to nothing about it at first, and she didn't get why Alistair is so against using it to save Connor from the demon that's possessing him. Isolde was a willing sacrifice, and the blood mages in the tower use their own blood to work spells -- what's wrong with that, as long as everyone is choosing freely? She didn't really understand why people have such a horror of blood magic until the Alienage, when the Tevinter magister offered to use the lives of the captured elves to gift her with power. That seems the real danger, to her: the possibility of innocents being killed to work magic.

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