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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Fifteen

15. Leadership. What is your Warden like as a leader? How do they lead and how do they handle companions disagreeing with them?

Kasia isn't used to the idea of being in charge of anything -- although if you talked to the other Carta thugs she worked with, they would tell you that she became the de facto leader on pretty much every assignment, just through force of personality. So she's a natural leader, but in terms of practical leadership skills, she has a lot to learn. But despite being out of her depth, she attacks the problem with the same gusto and cheer that she attacks most problems, rarely complaining even when she's overwhelmed. Her argument with Alistair after Redcliffe was as much about simmering resentment that he left her in charge when, in theory, he should have been better equipped to be the leader.

Because of her secret insecurity around being in charge, Kasia tends not to ask for help or advice, at least not in front of the group, preferring to muddle through as best she can. She will sometimes pull someone aside -- Alistair, Zevran, occasionally Wynne -- and ask them what they think, and in Amaranthine she depends heavily on Varel. Kasia has a fairly strong internal sense of right and wrong, and she makes most major decisions by instinct. Most of the time, that's enough.

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