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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Seventeen

17. Regret. During the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest you will be introduced to the Guardian who will ask the Warden if they regret something from their past. If you could personalize the Guardian’s question what would he ask? And how would your Warden answer?

(It looks like the original masterpost has been taken down; the link goes to my Tumblr reblog of that post.)

The Guardian asked if Kasia regretted having left friends and family behind in Orzammar, and he could not have come up with a better question to throw Kasia off balance and force her to think about things she had been avoiding. Like Rica, all alone with no tough little sister to protect her, and Leske, left to bear the brunt of Jarvia's wrath. What good was she, if she couldn't watch out for the people she loved? It left her reeling, and determined to go straight to Orzammar once Arl Eamon was cured, to make sure everyone was okay. And because this was on her mind, Leske's betrayal hit a thousand times harder than it probably would have otherwise. Had she brought it on herself, by leaving him behind and not ensuring that he would be safe from the Carta? At least Rica had her noble to take care of her; Leske had no one. The thought ate at her for a long time, and it was months before she was truly able to let it go.

Encountering the Guardian had enough effect on Kasia and me both that I ended up writing a ficlet about it, which expands on these thoughts in Kasia's own words.

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