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FFX: Replay done

An appropriate day to finish up my replay, since it was announced that the upcoming FFX remaster will include FFX-2!!! And it will be the International version which means extra boss battles and Last Mission!!!! I will finally be able to play Last Mission. You have no idea how excited I am about this.

I meant to write up a little more about my replay as I went, but I being more motivated to play FFX than to write about playing FFX. :) In the end, I didn't really have any amazing revelations, but I did have fun.

Observations :

  • This time around, my sidequest of choice was monster hunting. I collected all the monsters from all the areas, and got most of the extra achievements, too, except for five of each fiend and ten of each fiend. I started working on five of each fiend, because the reward for that is enough Dark Matters to put Break Damage Limit on a couple of weapons, but it ended up being waaaaay too much trouble. Sorry, Lulu, you're stuck with spells that do 9999 damage on almost every monster and boss. The hardest was the Omega Ruins; I died there a lot, mostly because of the fiends that inflict the bad status effects: stone, berserk, confuse. By the time I got to Omega, I was able to kill him in two hits from Bahamut.

  • I got two ultimate weapons: Auron's and Yuna's. Yuna's is by far the easiest to get -- you just need to do the Calm Lands monster hunt and collect all the aeons -- and Auron's is tied to the monster hunting. Part of me wants to try and earn some of the others (I've gotten Rikku's before, but no one else's), but it doesn't seem worth it, because it's not so hard to win without them.
  • One consequence of monster hunting is a lot of levels, so I was way overpowered for the final battles. Seymour died in two rounds, Jecht in maybe a dozen, Yu Yevon in about four. The aeon battle takes longer, but that's just because there are so many of them to deal with, and I couldn't whack any of them with warriors -- it ended up being all magic.

  • Yuna looks so sad during the aeon battle. She just deflates a little more with each one you defeat. No wonder she got upset about it in X-2.

  • I must have noticed before that Lucil and Elma are in Besaid at the time of the final battle, but I'd forgotten, so it was a nice surprise to see them there with Luzzu and the last chocobo. Luzzu looks so at peace, watching Sin explode in the night sky. I so wish they had found a way to work the Operation Mi'ihen survivor into X-2.

  • I will never not be bitter that Auron's final scene was not fully rendered.

  • The end movie didn't make me cry the first time I played the game, but it sure does now. Tidus starting to fade away, Yuna's little headshake, the way she tries to hold him but can't. Rikku's denial and Lulu's sad little wave and Wakka kicking the roof of the airship -- I forget, sometimes, that Wakka and Tidus became such good friends, that the other remaining guardians share Yuna's grief. I wonder how much she allowed herself to lean on them.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I'd decided to replay FFX-2 next. I just can't step into Spira without wanting to spend as much time there as humanly possible. Let's see if I can resist starting it tonight.

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