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DA Fic: "Honesty Hour"

Title: Honesty Hour
Fandom: Dragon Age
Rating: G
Wordcount: 822
Characters: Sera Aeducan, Natia Brosca, Morrigan, Alistair, Leliana
Spoilers: Minor for the game, major for "Justify the Means".
Notes: This is the second of three fics I've written for a giveaway I did on Tumblr earlier this year. This one was requested by [tumblr.com profile] maricsblade, who asked for Sera and Natia (from my AU fic "Justify the Means"), "what I really think of you". It ended up being a couple of missing scenes from the fic, and I hope a nice little window into both of their characters.

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Tags: dabb, dragon age, fic
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