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Trope Bingo: The Wrap-up

My [community profile] trope_bingo is all done! My completed card, under the cut:

And a list of all the stories, with links, here.

This was a fun project, although I wish it hadn't overlapped so closely with DOINK! and the Dragon Age Big Bang (a large part of why I didn't finish on time). But it got me working with ideas I don't usually play with, even if it was several of the usual suspects as far as characters were concerned. And it also lured me into starting that Iron Man/Sherlock Holmes thing, which was a lot of fun and will certainly continue. Would I sign up for this project again? Definitely! And I actually think choosing the double line worked well, since trying to work two tropes together acts as a stronger prompt for me than any one trope by itself. One thing I'd change for next time, though, is trying to write in more fandoms. A good goal, I think.

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