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Amazon Kindle Worlds: here we go again

New Amazon program, Kindle Worlds, will allow fanfiction for specific properties to be published on the Kindle.

Hey, everyone remember FanLib? Yeah, me too. Obviously Kindle Worlds is not quite like that, but it has the same whiff of "come be officially sanctioned!" about it, and hence I cast it similar glances askance.

I don't have much to say about it yet. Fortunately, other people do.

John Scalzi looks at the contract and finds it not particularly favorable toward authors. He also speculates what it might mean for authors who write tie-in books on a contract basis -- ie. does this spell the end of the tie-in as we know it?

Chuck Wendig, who runs the writing blog Terrible Minds, also brings up the tie-in issue with some musings on what this means for 'canon' in those universes.

From the fandom perspective, a few thoughts from The Mary Sue.

More, I am sure, to come.

Edit: this post by [personal profile] unjapanologist is highly recommended.

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