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Fic crossposting: Dragon Age, FFXII, Cinders

I've been a busy bee on Tumblr for the last week or so. The resulting fics:


Title: Wide Open Seas
Characters: Cinders/Tobias
Prompt: "Strikhedonia: The pleasure of being able to say 'the hell with it'."
Notes: Requested by [personal profile] liri. Post-game, Traveller ending.

On the road with Cinders, Tobias gets his first taste of freedom.


Final Fantasy XII

Title: Cage
Characters: Ffamran Bunansa
Prompt: "Strikhedonia: The pleasure of being able to say 'the hell with it'."
Notes: Requested by [personal profile] auronlu.

"Before anything else, Ffamran Bunansa got rid of his helm."


Dragon Age

Title: Day in the Sun
Characters: Carver Hawke/Merrill
Prompt: "Strikhedonia: The pleasure of being able to say 'the hell with it'."
Notes: Discerning readers will notice a theme. ;) I reblogged a prompt meme that consisted of obscure words; requesters asked for a fandom, character, or pairing along with one of the words. Independently, three different people requested the same word in three different fandoms. It was an interesting exercise in taking one concept and trying to to various things with it. This was requested by [tumblr.com profile] spiritofemby and is my first shot at this pairing.

While passing through Kirkwall on his way back to the Grey Wardens, Carver pays Merrill a visit.

Title: Untitled
Characters: Alistair/Kasia Brosca
Prompt: "Cheiloproclitic: Being attracted to someone's lips."
Notes: Another Emby request.

Alistair has some insecurities about being king. But he can always trust Kasia to tell him the truth.

Title: Distant Early Warning
Characters: Duncan, Sereda Aeudcan
Prompt: "Brontide: the sound of distant rolling thunder."
Notes: Requested by [tumblr.com profile] rhiannon42.

While traveling to Ostagar, Sereda Aeducan encounters her first thunderstorm.

Title: After the Fall
Characters: Alistair/f!Mahariel
Notes: Inspired by this photoset on Tumblr, which discussed a potential ending for Alistair/f!Warden that was too sad; I had to fix it. Since I don't yet have a Warden OC who made the Ultimate Sacrifice, this story features an f!Mahariel who only exists here; regardless, this my headcanon as far as the lore is concerned. Violence, canon character death. Written several months ago.

After taking his Calling, Alistair learns the truth about the Ultimate Sacrifice.

Title: Storms
Characters: Alistair/Sereda Aeudcan
Notes: Written for Aeducan Week on Tumblr. First Time fic for Sereda and Alistair. Part of the Fidelity universe. Takes some liberties with the First Night dialogue. NSFW.

On their way out of Orzammar, Sereda and Alistair wait out a thunderstorm in her tent.

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