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May update; June goals

Days written: 25/31
Words written: 18,091
Words of fic written: 14,516
Stories worked on: Six, plus ficbits
Stories posted: Five, and the ficbits

Specific goals:

1. Write at least 5 days per week. Did slightly better than this.

2. Finish and post my DOINK! assignment. Yes, plus a pinch-hit.

3. Finish and post my last [community profile] trope_bingo fic. Success!

4. Work on the next part of Iron Holmes and/or Wardens of Ivalice. I did get a little bit of work in on Wardens of Ivalice. I want to really sit down and read carefully through the relevant parts of "World of Thedas", mostly those on Magic, the Fade, and Blights, so I have all my crossover lore straight. I also wrote my second of the three giveaway fics. So I'm pretty pleased with my work this month.

Goals for June:

1. Write an average of 6 days per week.

2. Claim and work on my dragonagebb Reverse Bang fic.

3. Write and hopefully finish the last of my giveaway fics.

4. Participate in the 31 Days of Hawke meme that a number of us will be doing on Tumblr (I'll probably only post my answers there, then do a wrap-up post for those of my journal-only followers who might be interested).

I note that all of these are Dragon Age-specific projects, so I'll have to work a non-DA story in there somewhere. But I'm sure something will come along to fill that gap. :)

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