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Not much to say

I keep waiting to update because I figure I'll post once I hear from one of the employers I'm waiting on (had a second interview three weeks ago, have been in intermittent contact with another school), but it keeps not happening. Maybe reporting that there is nothing to report will jar the universe into giving me some information.

Not much else to discuss, really. Not many other jobs to apply for. No travel or other shenanigans planned (and I'm reluctant to plan anything when the job stuff is up in the air). There's a Dragon Age fan meetup in New York City that I'm contemplating. My fic for the DA Reverse Bang is coming along, if very slowly. I've been plugging along on the 31 Day Hawke Challenge, too. Haven't missed a day yet! Unheard of, for these 30-day memes. Predictably, I want to write up the answers for Marissa now, too, and Garrett (my pro-templar m!Hawke warrior, who's just getting into Act 3).

Speaking of games, I finally gave up on finishing the Via Infinito (stupid Chac) and went ahead and wrapped up my FFX-2 replay last week, resulting in predictable Paine/Nooj emotions and plot bunnies, and I really need to write them another story sometime. Then, spurred on by some impulse I don't fully understand, I started a new game of Kingdom Hearts, a game I haven't played in many, many years. Probably I should just wait for the rumored PS3 remaster that includes Chain of Memories (which I have never played), but no. And then, to complete the trifecta of games in process, I discovered that Knights of the Old Republic is available for iPad. Now this is exciting, because I've always wanted to play that game, but assumed I never would for platform reasons. I downloaded it almost immediately and am now maybe 6 or so hours in? So far, so good, although I think I stumbled across a major, major spoiler on Tumblr the day after I began playing. (Probably a spoiler I've heard a hundred times, but never had the context to understand before.) We'll see if it means what I think it means.

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