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gratitude meme

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Name ten small things for which you're grateful today [and tag five others to do the same].

  1. Being able to get a lot of extra crap out of the book room this afternoon and move in the scrubs cabinets. This will make my life much easier come the next orientation.

  2. Getting half a dozen coworkers to cheerfully help me with said project, which involved lugging around both boxes and furniture.

  3. Pumpkin scones from Starbucks.

  4. Having use of my shoulder back (today and every day, but the visit to the PT was a good reminder).

  5. Being offered random leftover Chinese food for lunch.

  6. The smell of frying bacon wafting up from downstairs.

  7. The new video iPod (60GB, white) that just arrived today.

  8. The video for "Weapon of Choice", which just finished downloading onto said iPod.

  9. A new chapter of "Those Who Come Closest".

  10. Another short Friday -- working 9 hours every other day so that I can go home early on Fridays is so, so worth it.

I don't feel like tagging anyone in particular, so I'll simply invite anyone who is so moved to participate!
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