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Tori can come home!

I'm going to get her after lunch. She's still going to be recovering for awhile, but she's strong enough to finish her recovery at home. Yay!

She had a second transfusion on Tuesday night, and her red blood cell count has steadily been going up since. They kept her over one more night because she wasn't really eating yet, but she started eating overnight, so they think it's better for her to continue her recovery at home.

A bone marrow test ruled out cancer and showed healthy function, so they're going with the autoimmune diagnosis. They don't know why it happened, and probably never well, and a relapse is always possible. She's going to be on a lot of drugs for awhile, possibly for life (on top of her epilepsy meds, poor kitty) -- it all depends on how she responds. But I am feeling a lot more hopeful than I was a couple of days ago.

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