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June update, July goals

Days written: 23/30
Words written: 16,214
Words of fic written: 7,371
Stories worked on: Four
Stories posted: One
Words written, year to date: 106,232
Words of fic, year to date: 74,559

Progress on specific June goals:

1. Write an average of 6 days per week. Missed badly. I can partly blame this on my sick kitty distraction, but not entirely.

2. Claim and work on my dragonagebb Reverse Bang fic. Claim and progress made, but I'm not as far along on this as I'd like to be.

3. Write and hopefully finish the last of my giveaway fics. Barely touched this, alas. I'll have to get back to it when my DABB is finished.

4. Participate in the 31 Days of Hawke meme that a number of us will be doing on Tumblr. Success! And I think it went pretty well. You can read all my answers here, and I'll try to do a master post here later today.

This is not so good. I wish the DABB were coming more smoothly -- it's almost all I worked on this month, outside a little bit on the giveaway fic and one and a half stories for an iTunes-based writing exercise. Perversely, I think part of the problem is my too-open schedule. I always think there will be time to write "later", then later doesn't come. I'll need to think about this. Meanwhile, it's halfway through the year! How are those 2013 goals looking?

1. Make progress on "Wardens of Ivalice", for real this time. In bits and pieces. I want to put more concentrated effort into it, though. I might need to replay FFXII.

2. Do at least two major meta projects. The 31 Day Hawke Challenge was my second, so I am happy to call this done. Not that I won't do more, if another good one crosses my radar. I've also written a lot of the answers for the 30 Day Warden Challenge for my other Wardens -- Alim Surana, in particular, I should just wrap up and post -- and I kind of want to cover my other Hawkes, too.

3. Write at least one non-Dragon Age fic every month. I missed this month (well, sort of, I started an OTP iTunes meme for Paine/Nooj but didn't get very far, just because I picked a bad time to do it; I should give that another shot), but overall I feel like I am in good shape with the multifannish thing.

4. At least three posts or cross-posts in my journal every week, and cross-post fic from Tumblr ot least once a month. The crossposting of fic I feel like I'm doing pretty well. Writing posts here, not so much (unless my cat gets sick, apparently). It goes in fits and starts.

5. Hit my getyourwordsout goal -- I've signed up at the 200k goal again, because why mess with success -- and participate in wrisomifu. Still on pace.

Okay, some goals for July:

1. Write an average of six days per week.

2. Finish and submit dragonagebb Reverse Bang fic (due date: July 18th).

3. Make serious progress on giveaway fic and the next chapter of Iron Holmes.

4. Don't sign up for anything else. Yes, that's a goal. Hold me to it. Summer is for finishing.

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